Wood with Linearredo

Making of

Furniture maker – Zero Branco (Treviso)

A flatting coat is applied to the polished okumè planks to seal them and make them shiny. This is the same process used for motorboats; it is meant to create the same mood and allure of a Venetian taxi.
The real challenge was to fix the planks to the shelves in an extremely accurate way. The scanning of the planks has to be very accurate in order for the opening of the cabinet to be exactly where it is supposed to be.By using a wood-workstation and a 3D program, we were able to get the result we were looking for: the electronically-driven milling machine cuts the countertop out from an MDF panel and then, with a different drill, makes the holes

where the planks will be fixed. The corners of the planks are rounded by hand from okumè panels and are treated with a primer to obtain the color base.
In a forced-ventilation room the planks are placed on a cart and varnished with many coats of shiny-acrylic paint. Colors and solvents used in the process are carefully monitored during preparation and application. The vapors are channeled before being disposed of. Once dry, the planks are fixed to the holes previously created by the electronically-driven drill.