The Fragiles / Concrete and Stucco Lamps

By spreading pure cement and stucco, or a mixture of the two, over colorful balloons, designer Davide Giulio Aquini gives rise to a diverse collection of shells or caps: the Fragiles. Once dry, the Fragiles can be freed, by letting the balloons deflate and ‘peeling’ them off. This results in shapes with jagged edges, materic on the outside and smooth inside, each unique in diameter and imperfections: cracks, craters, valleys, chips, wrinkles. The Fragiles cover the whole palette of neutral tones. The collection combines the unexpected and poetic fragility of cement and stucco with sturdy metal profiles which fulfill two functions: protecting the Fragiles and supporting leds.

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Interni Magazine / Bo Bedre / mocoloco / ganzomag / journal du design