Zoom / Wireframe Lamp

Zoom lamp is a tribute to the vintage virtual-reality of the 80s

I designed the lamp Zoom taking inspiration from the visual language of the 80’s virtual reality, now become “vintage”. The three-dimensional shapes are simulated only by the wireframe representation. The object is reduced to a simple contour lines, almost losing all its matter and its weight.
The lamp is not then a real object, it becomes a schematic graphic representation, almost undergoing a digitization process that is the opposite from the design method where from the 3D model is passed to the physical object.

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designboom / sight unseen

Wireframe becomes a desired and sought language that also evolves into matter, rather than a simplified virtual view due to poor hardware-software resources.
Even the light source is consistent with the concept of the project. LEDs are shaped in the traditional and reassuring form of the classic incandescent bulb, which is also itself a vintage piece of the recent history.