Archetipo / Perfume phial

for The Merchant of Venice

Made in Murano by Matteo Tagliapietra inspired by the mosaics of the Basilica di Murano.

Archetipo is a perfume phial inspired by a tessellatum mosaic from the XII century in the Basilica di Santa Maria e Donato – Murano Venice, showing a couple of peacocks the symbol of immortality and sanctity.

The design of the phial calls to mind the “cantaro” (a wine goblet from the ancient Greek tradition), symbol of the divine grace, from which the peacocks drink. Archetipo is closely tied with Murano, its ancient history and its artistic glass.

The phial is made of shaded blowed glass, one of the most traditional Murano techniques. The deep amethyst color fades into a transparent crystal.