Elementi / Dumbbell set

for Wallpaper* magazine and Lundhs Real Stone

For Wellness&Wonder, the exhibition in Brera by Wallpaper* magazine.

— Elementi is a collection both of fitness weights and desk-or-table objects. Their primary function is to display flowers, but you can use them as paperweights, doorstops or bookends. Thanks to their handle and the weight of the Lundhs stones you can use them as gym equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells) at home or in the office.
Design is inspired by art déco and the works of the Italian masters Aldo Rossi and Giorgio de Chirico.

photo by Paul Zak

Design inspiration

Design is inspired by the world of the “Golden Era” gym when equipments were basic and almost “brutalist”. Shapes are the same, recalling rings, swedish runged wall bar, but the refinement and materials are, by contrast, very polished.

How the project fits the theme of Wellness and Wonder

Elementi is a set of fitness weights that take the advantage of the stone mass, using it with a double meaning: beauty and physicality. A fitness weight that you can use as a flower display merges what, at a first glance, could seem opposites: Wellness and Wonder.