Byzantine / Sideboards

Mosaics made of gold, marble and pearl

— Byzantine Collection is a series of sideboards in wood and metal inspired by Byzantine mosaic art. The austere and minimalist exterior hides a rich inner mosaic lining. Each piece of furniture interprets the mosaic decoration in a different way, using different materials: marble, glass, gold and mother of pearl.
This collection is an opportunity to rediscover an era when East and West shared and developed tastes, styles and sensibilities jointly, and when Italy was one of the leading protagonists.


— The golden sideboard interprets the typical background of the Byzantine mosaics. The inner covering is made of real golden-leaf and glass tessere, just like the mosaics of Santa Sofia (Istanbul) and Sant’Apollinare Nuovo (Ravenna).


— The marble sideboard rediscovers and interprets the opus tessellatum. This particular kind of mosaics is characterized by the irregular and small size of the tessere (the single pieces of marble). This mosaic is custom hand made and its design is based on the traditional circle-ribbon pattern that can be found in the Basilica di San Marco (Venice), Basilica di San Vitale (Ravenna), and other Byzantine sites.


— The mother-of-pearl sideboard interprets the rich and opulent taste of the Byzantine age. This mosaic is made using real mother-of-pearl tessere. The opalescent inner surface reflects the light and creates a warm and elegant mood.