Soninke / Buffet

Upcycled wood

— Soninke is a buffet of generous proportions with the wings entirely covered by a texture obtained combining the slats that are used to shield furniture during the lacquering process. After being used several times, these slats, which assume a characteristic striped pattern, are normally discarded.
Upcycling is the starting point of the project, but the end result is a layered-reading furniture.

The colorful geometric pattern created by the woods that cover the wings call to mind the typical African decorative motifs used to paint the walls of the houses. Soninke is the name of a major African language.

Besides, looking at the violent colors of the slats, we notice that they are often poured, sprayed, splattered, suggesting a much more visual world, close to urban street art.

— The different thicknesses of the slats add a three-dimensional component to the texture: an important detail, which increases the artistic dimension of an object that was carefully crafted and designed with precision in matching color and thickness.

Soninke is self-produced by David G Aquini, who decided to shorten the long path that the contemporary project must go through if offered to a company. Self-production allows the designer to treat each piece personally and to ensure a product of high quality and of great artistic value. (text courtesy of Diego Zanella)