Flore / Mosaic trays

for Quattromani

— Flore is a collection of three trays made of mosaics by Ursula Corsi in Pietrasanta. The project originated thanks to “Quattromani” by Florence Factory, Source, CNA Toscana and Slow/d in collaboration with OMA and Artex for the valorization of the Tuscan craftsmanship through design.

— The patterns of the trays are designed taking inspiration from the geometric repertoire of marble inlays of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Lobed lozenges, circles, stylized flowers and ogives are drawn and colored in a contemporary way and then translated into mosaic.

— The mosaics are made in opus vermiculatum technique, one of the oldest and most detailed art, and executed with great patience and expertise. Each tile is smaller then the common mosaic technique and is cut ad hoc in order to follow the curves of the drawing and to render a more defined pattern.